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The World Around Us Scavenger Hunt

Explore Your World Scavenger Hunt

By Ronda Barnes, Certified Diversity Practitioner 


Ever want to be adventurous but don't know where to start? Here's the nudge you need.  

The Explore Your World Scavenger Hunt introduces you to new things in a fun and challenging way. Can you do at least eight of these activities? Get a group of your kids and their friends and make an afternoon of it! The best part is sharing what you learned with others afterward.


Places to go and things to see and do:

  1. Go to the farmer’s market or a local farm
  2. Try a cooking class
    1. What type was it?
  3. Volunteer at a local food bank or community kitchen
  4. Visit an animal sanctuary or wildlife refuge near you
  5. Go to a library and research an ancestor
    1. Use microfiche
    2. Look up a Census record
    3. Look through county historical society books
  6. Take a ride on public transportation
    1. City bus
    2. Subway
    3. Train
    4. Trolley
    5.  _______
  7. Make something from scratch
    1. Craft
    2. Recipe
  8. Try eating with chop sticks
    1. If you are a natural with chopsticks try eating with a fork or spoon
    2. Or try eating your entire meal with just your hands (yes, kids love this one!)
  9. Take a nature hike and find an unopened pine cone or an unusual bird
  10. Try 5 foods that you have not tried before
    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. Yellow
    4. Purple
    5. Brown
    6. White
    7.  ______
  11. Take a picture of a historical landmark or monument in your area
  12. Take a picture of something red that you put in your hair
  13. Go to an outdoor or free concert
  14. Wear a pedometer for a day.  How many steps did you take?
  15. Photograph something that keeps you warm
  16. Take a picture of someone hanging upside down
  17. Take a picture on top of something (be careful!)
    1. Tree
    2. Hill
    3. Tower
    4.  ______
  18. Take a picture of someone doing nice for a stranger
  19. Take a picture of someone riding a bike
  20. Take a picture of your county’s courthouse
  21. Take a picture of your town’s or city’s official seal
  22. Photograph something with a date from the 1800’s – or before
  23. Visit a visitor’s center near you
  24. Photograph a map of your state
  25. Take a picture of something that tells how many people live in a city
  26. ake a picture of a local arts event
  27. Take a picture of something that gives you information about your local hospital
  28. Get a change of address card from the post office
  29. Find a telephone booth or other public telephone
  30. Find out if your town has verbal cross walks
  31. Smell a purple flower
  32. Take a picture of something with colors or mascot of a local college
  33. Take a picture of a shopping bag from a local mall
  34. Take a picture of a state flag
  35. Take a picture of a schedule of activities or a pamphlet from a local nursing home or senior center
  36. Get a list of safety tips from a local fire department
  37. Take a picture of a cloud shaped like a . . .
    1. You fill in the blank
  38. Learn to say “Hi” in a language you are not familiar with
    1. Sign language
    2. Foreign language
  39. Whistle with a piece of grass
  40. Find a stick longer than 1 foot
  41. Find a rock bigger than the palm of your hand
  42. Find something that will float
  43. Try moving around your house and eating a meal while wearing a blindfold
  44. Using a wheel chair go up a handicapped ramp and enter a building by yourself
  45. Hula hoop
    1. How long could you hula?
  46. Find something that you can recycle
  47. Find a coin on the ground 
    1. What coin was it?
    2. Was it heads up or down?
  48. Try washing the dishes without standing on your feet
  49. Knock on your neighbor’s door and just say “Hi”
    1. Left side neighbor
    2. Right side neighbor
    3. Across the street neighbor
    4. A neighbor you haven’t met yet
  50. Write a paragraph with the hand you don’t normally write with
  51. Play a card game with one hand behind your back
  52. Look up an opera on YouTube and listen for at least five minutes
  53. Collect leaves from at least five different trees
    1. Which trees did you find?


  1. Were the items you chose a challenge to do or find?
  2. What did you learn?
  3. Did you like something new that you tasted?
  4. Would you do it again?
  5. How many people were in your group?
  6. Did everyone participate?

Talk about your experiences with five different people.