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Product Review: Home Alone


We think is just great! Their practical tips can take the worry about this parenting rite of passage, and they'll ensure that your family is prepared to deal with any situation.


The Home Alone Class curriculum is meant for kids ages 7-14.  This age-range is identified based on a variety of factors including the age at which most children tend to age out of local playground camps, the age at which kids can begin enrolling in babysitting courses, and precidence set by the states with laws and recommendations. It's important to note that younger children can often benefit from exposure to this content as well.  Even if you don't have any intention of leaving your child home alone yet, the knowledge will be beneficial for them in case of emergencies. 


The curriculum is broken into 7 short lessons (under 10 minutes each) which cover topics like Basic First Aid, Calling 911, and emergency situations. Even busy families will be able to fit this course into their hectic schedules.


Parents receive a handbook to follow along with the lessons their children are learning, and each lesson includes 5-10 minutes of homework. As the parent, you are your child's best teacher, but if your kids are anything like mine, they tend to listen better when another person delivers the information. The homework helps encourage communication between you and your child, and it allows you to apply the lessons to the specifications of your household.  


After completing the courses, a quiz and answer key are included to assess the child's understanding of the materials covered. also provides a completion certificate to reward the child for successfully completing the course.  This certificate is not anything legally binding, but kids enjoy the reward, and it helps them feel more self-assured.  Plus, offers a variety of PDF documents to make the whole process easier and to make sure that nothing is forgotten.


Reasons We Love

  • The research is done for you.
  • Everything your child needs to know is gathered together in the same place.
  • Home Alone reinforces the lessons you teach, offering you "parenting back up."
  • Their handy downloads are convenient to use repeatedly.
  • The assessment quiz and certificate make the kids feel official.
  • It's any easy way to increase everyone's sense of confidence and preparation.

It's normal to be anxious about leaving your child home alone. Home Alone Class helps families be more prepared and confident when the time comes. With just a $27 enrollment fee, you gain priceless convenience, confidence, and safety.



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