Monthly Themes

Every month is a different theme and kids will earn a commemorative button each month they participate. Collect them all!

September: Safety First with Pet Pals
October: Mythbusting: Animal Edition!
November: Paw it Forward

How It Works

At the start of the month, you’ll receive a themed, interactive Bitmoji classroom that will provide a variety of fun and educational self-paced activities. Children will be able to interact, share and connect with their peers through a private and secure Class Dojo. Over the course of the month, the interactive classroom will be continually updated with new activities and content based on the interests and questions of the participating children.

Live Learning Opportunities
Over the course of the month, Lollypop Farm will host several live sessions on Zooms with the participants of Animal Academy. Sessions will typically include an animal expert as guest speaker, an animal interaction, and activity! Live sessions will be scheduled for roughly 45 minutes at various times of day to accommodate a variety of schedules. Participants will also receive a link to watch the recorded session if they are unable to attend.

Technology Required for Animal Academy
A computer or smart device with an internet connection
Class Dojo

$55 per month-long, themed education experience
(Scholarships available)
Includes a commemorative Animal Academy button
Every month is a different theme. Collect them all!

Animal Academy Safety First



September is all about pet safety! Loving your pet means more than just cuddles and play. Being a responsible pet owner and friend to the animals means knowing how to help a pet when things get RUFF! In September, Animal Academy participants will learn more about what they can do to help their animal friends in an emergency! We’ll be discussing important topics like how to understand animal body language and how to stay safe around pets. Participants will learn about basic first aid and emergency preparedness. We will also explore how Lollypop Humane Law Enforcement help pets in our community everyday.

Live Zoom Session Schedule*:
9/9 at 3:00 PM ET- WELCOME! Getting to know you & Kahoot! games
9/17 at 3:30 PM ET- Ready, Pets, GO! A kid’s guide to pet safety
9/24 at 3:30 PM ET- Special Guest: Humane Law Enforcement Investigator
10/1 at 3:30 PM ET- Wrapping Up with What We’ve Learned

*Zoom session schedule is subject to change





Have you ever heard someone say that a black cat is bad luck? Or that pitbulls are dangerous? Rumors and myths surrounding animal friends can cause misunderstandings and even make it hard for pets to find homes. Participants will learn about the many myths surrounding the pets in our community, and discover ways they can help advocate for pets that are often misunderstood.

Live Zoom Session Schedule Coming Soon


Paw it Forward



In November, young animal lovers will have the opportunity to take their passion a step further, not just caring for their own pets but helping pets in need. Through the month of November Animal Academy participants will learn about all the different ways they can help pets in our community. They’ll even have the opportunity to complete their own service project and receive volunteer credit hours.

Live Zoom Session Schedule Coming Soon